Sampson and the Wizard 書評

  •  Your prior object is to accomplish that which will make you the happiest in the long term. If you are unaware of what this is, find out.

BD在他的UM中說過,男人的快樂在於金錢和女人。而我現在很努力地朝這兩個目標邁進,金錢方面目前目標是養活我自己,在2017/06/01前達到月收入1000USD ;而女人部份則是經由Daygame或Online dating達到在二個禮拜之內得到二個女人的能力。

  • Success in one area requires many different reasons for accomplishment, not just one


  • Most of what you have been told is wrong


  • Acknowledge the way the real world works in real life, even if it is unpleasant to do so, regardless of your own bias.
  • You are either successful as you define success, or you are unhappy to some degree. There is no third option.

聽起來像句fight club的格言。

  • A few concentration years of pure work and painful sacrifice will prevent you from toiling for a lifetime.

這句話驗證在我pick up的旅程上。

  • Emulate those who were successful before you, but be careful who you choose.

Doing it.

  • Risk is mandatory for success, but only after doing everything possible to put the odds in your favor before the attempt.
  • If you do not routinely address all key area of your life, your most important area will cease to bring you happiness.


BD 的堅信



Sampson and the Wizard



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