A Journey to Be More Focus

I know for a fact that my attention gets scattered easily. And thus in order to make my business works better and other areas in my life in general. I decided to start an experiment to find out how can I improve my time on focus.

After a dinner discussion with my doctor sis, I have some insight.

I didn’t plan my time right. The way she plans her time is that she can evaluate how much time does a task cost and fit the task into a specific time slot.
I aimed too high. I do thing in a large scale. For example, I decided to draft a SEO package for my company, but I failed miserably. Why? Because I didn’t have an specific end goal and I didn’t divide the task into actionable steps.
Set a dead line for each task
Set a least two hours of absolutely focus time. It means no distraction at all. Just do the work.

So I’m going to plan my future week using the above principle. I take my life seriously.