Last night I went out to a house party, and after that, I bounced to club Triangle. Well, it turned out that I suck at parties. Without a deep analysis, I think the reasons are:

  • I’m low energy; I haven’t develop a personality yet
  • I’m not used to NG; I don’t believe I could pull
  • My fear is preventing from socializing since I’m afraid that my English will make me look like a fool. And I think I need to just say shit. I give too much attention on my emotion and thus it paralyzes me during the action.
  • I laugh or chuckle to hide the dryness of my conversaion

However, I also learn a few things during the night out.

  • I want to be good at socializing and NG
  • I want to get the girls from NG
  • Physique almost doesn’t matter. There are guys shorter than me having a good time with girls
  • Dance floor sucks when you’re not drunk
  • In order to get good at the game, I’ll need to go out a lot at night
  • Always bring value to a group, don’t be an idiot standing in the circle
  • Go out with friends, so you’ll have a base from meeting people



  • Find a model to talk to most of the people
  • If there’s anything pops into your mind, go ahead and ask it. For example, wifi or anything.
  • Say hi and introduce yourself at the start of the party, i.e. shake hands and cheers

A Journey to Be More Focus

I know for a fact that my attention gets scattered easily. And thus in order to make my business works better and other areas in my life in general. I decided to start an experiment to find out how can I improve my time on focus.

After a dinner discussion with my doctor sis, I have some insight.

I didn’t plan my time right. The way she plans her time is that she can evaluate how much time does a task cost and fit the task into a specific time slot.
I aimed too high. I do thing in a large scale. For example, I decided to draft a SEO package for my company, but I failed miserably. Why? Because I didn’t have an specific end goal and I didn’t divide the task into actionable steps.
Set a dead line for each task
Set a least two hours of absolutely focus time. It means no distraction at all. Just do the work.

So I’m going to plan my future week using the above principle. I take my life seriously.

DG 2/26~3/4

So I’m going to count how many approaches I need to get a lay in the following posts. Also, I’m going to note down the stats and things I can improve on.

2/26 – 10 approaches 1 number CH

Not a good day, two girls said they get a boyfriend so I ejected.

2/27 – 7 approaches 0 number EZ

Even worse, my usual venue was filled with charity people and salespeople, so I decided to switch venue to another popular yet hard to approach.

Meltdown 2018/2/2

2 Am on 2018/2/2, I had a meltdown. I just had a 2 hours phone call with my friend Anthony, and he hung up on me after I lamented for over an hour. I appreciated the effort he put in to save me from breaking down, but he failed. Nobody could.

I felt like a sinking ship. Or worse, an aimless boat drifted in darkness caused by storms and thunder.

I couldn’t breathe.

This all started from a discussion with my boss, Ryan. The call was short, lasting only 20 minutes. And the result wasn’t surprising neither. I got demoted. The job wasn’t prestige, to begin with; however, the pain was that I believed I could levitate myself with this job. I got such huge expectation that I could become a location independent nomand after doing this job for like 6 months.

But was it? Was the situation that bad that had to feel sorry for me for over 3 hours.

I didn’t think so.

The point that it made me sad was I felt like me, as a human being, got rejected due to my limitation, namely English writing. And, of course, the decrease in salary.

Obviously, at this moment, there are tons of this I can improve on. Perhaps earn some money on the side.

Cold emailing 10 marketing companies every day
Learn to write and speak English better
Read 50 pages a day
Write 500 words a day
Get as much as value from copywriting courses as you can
Cold calling 10 potential clients
Improve landing page from Axel Global
So thinking about it, the situation isn’t as bad as I imagine.


Sampson and the Wizard 書評

  •  Your prior object is to accomplish that which will make you the happiest in the long term. If you are unaware of what this is, find out.

BD在他的UM中說過,男人的快樂在於金錢和女人。而我現在很努力地朝這兩個目標邁進,金錢方面目前目標是養活我自己,在2017/06/01前達到月收入1000USD ;而女人部份則是經由Daygame或Online dating達到在二個禮拜之內得到二個女人的能力。

  • Success in one area requires many different reasons for accomplishment, not just one


  • Most of what you have been told is wrong


  • Acknowledge the way the real world works in real life, even if it is unpleasant to do so, regardless of your own bias.
  • You are either successful as you define success, or you are unhappy to some degree. There is no third option.

聽起來像句fight club的格言。

  • A few concentration years of pure work and painful sacrifice will prevent you from toiling for a lifetime.

這句話驗證在我pick up的旅程上。

  • Emulate those who were successful before you, but be careful who you choose.

Doing it.

  • Risk is mandatory for success, but only after doing everything possible to put the odds in your favor before the attempt.
  • If you do not routinely address all key area of your life, your most important area will cease to bring you happiness.


BD 的堅信



Sampson and the Wizard

2018 Goals


  1. 1 Fucking K


  1. 70 KG


  1. 12 Birds – JanuaryX1

Daily habits

  1. Read 50 pages and write 500 words
  2. Cold calling 10 prospects
  3. Cold emailing 10 potential companies