Meltdown 2018/2/2

2 Am on 2018/2/2, I had a meltdown. I just had a 2 hours phone call with my friend Anthony, and he hung up on me after I lamented for over an hour. I appreciated the effort he put in to save me from breaking down, but he failed. Nobody could.

I felt like a sinking ship. Or worse, an aimless boat drifted in darkness caused by storms and thunder.

I couldn’t breathe.

This all started from a discussion with my boss, Ryan. The call was short, lasting only 20 minutes. And the result wasn’t surprising neither. I got demoted. The job wasn’t prestige, to begin with; however, the pain was that I believed I could levitate myself with this job. I got such huge expectation that I could become a location independent nomand after doing this job for like 6 months.

But was it? Was the situation that bad that had to feel sorry for me for over 3 hours.

I didn’t think so.

The point that it made me sad was I felt like me, as a human being, got rejected due to my limitation, namely English writing. And, of course, the decrease in salary.

Obviously, at this moment, there are tons of this I can improve on. Perhaps earn some money on the side.

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Learn to write and speak English better
Read 50 pages a day
Write 500 words a day
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So thinking about it, the situation isn’t as bad as I imagine.